1982 Katana 1000




I have wanted a Katana 1000 since 1988 when a school pal had one.  At the time I had a 900 Ninja as seen lower down.  By the time I could afford one they were all either owned by collectors or exported.

There were only 600 ever made so I kinda figured I would never actually get one, but I would occasionaly check Craigs list.

Then in the last few monts of 2019, I found one.

It was the original owner and it looked bad, as seen to the right, but I didn’t care, I called and was told it was bought by a collector.  I got the buyers number and called him.

He was a famous moto GP mechanic and told me he had 5 of them and the last Katana project he did was 80k.  Yes, eighty thousand dollars.  He told me I would never find one and should just quit looking because there were collectors like him that were far better at this than I.

Then the Corona Virus landed.

The collector was dumping projects and I picked up the Katana for 2k, or double what he bought it for.  I got to see his collection and it was vast.

If you like 80s and 90s Japanese bikes you would be in heven.

XN85’s, Katana’s an ELR, GSXR SE and a few imports.  

Yes it’s a work in progress, but it’s my dream bike, has been since I first saw one in 1987.


Dan dpryor@ocnetworking.net